How It Happens

Your shirt has been gently woven with the softest of fabrics, in the fluffiest of clouds.

It then floated down to the tropical island of Florida and gently landed in Lindsey’s loving hands.

She then, with no less than four scrunchies in her hair, for safety, angelically sang the fun design into the fabric.

You, as a valued customer, were then celebrated as we comfortably slipped the shirt into its sleeping bag.

Chris then danced his way into the local post office and sent off your package with a smile.

This white glove handling of details is all done, so that when you put on your new shirt, it will feel like a dream. 

We hope you love to Wear Fun as much as we loved making it for you.  Please come back and see us again soon at:


 Our Dream

Our dream is not to create a business, but rather to form a community of people that enjoy living life to the fullest. We set out to do this the best way we know how, with AWESOME T-SHIRTS. Our shirts are creatively designed to tell stories. They are interpreted differently by all that wear them and are guaranteed to raise smiles every time you put one on. If you love to live, live to love and enjoy making people smile, then please join us and support our dream. Together we can build this community, tell our stories and have fun doing it.